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Ryan Leach

As an 8 year old growing up in South Australia, Ryan started studying guitar so that he could play Beatles songs, which marked the beginning of a lifelong passion for music. Now an award winning composer for Film and TV, his music has been heard on every major network with clients including Disney, The California Lottery, MTV, Lowe’s, Rainn Wilson's SoulPancake, and the Netflix Original film Candy Jar. Before branching out as a freelance composer, Ryan earned a degree in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music and worked as assistant to veteran composer Michael Levine at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions.

Mattia Chiappa

Mattia Chiappa is a composer, orchestrator, musician based in London, UK.

​His expertise lies in the production of dense symphonic arrangements and rich orchestral scores that embody the spirit of classic film scores.

​Alongside being a composer, he is also a working musician, having performed as guitarist and bassist on many stages across the UK.

Originally from Italy, Mattia moved to London in 2013 after winning a national competition with price a scholarship for the guitar performance course at University of West London.

His lifelong interest for orchestral composition would lead him to transitioning into production music and seeing his work licensed for Netflix shows, BBC and Discovery documentaries among many other types of media.

Joël Dollié

Joël Dollié is a French Mixing and Mastering engineer whose work can be heard throughout the music and entertainment industry.

His talents have been utilized by companies including Ghostwriter Music, SPM Music Group, Sonic Symphony, Cavalry music and more. His mixes can be heard in trailer campaigns like “Loki’’ (TV Series), ‘‘Abominable’’ or ‘‘The Chosen’’.

Joel's works also include productions by electronic media giants Ubisoft and Riot Games as well as major artists like Grammy winning producers ‘‘Cubeatz’’ as well as Gryffin, Simon Khorolskiy and many more. Spitfire Audio's acclaimed BBC Symphony Orchestra and Appassionata sample libraries showcase demonstration tracks mixed and mastered by Joel.

Randon Purcell

Randon’s childhood was filled with music, learning classical piano from his mother from the time he was 5.

Since 2014 Randon has focused almost entirely on instrumental compositions for both trailer and production music. He has released dozens of industry albums with various publishers around the world and now works exclusively for Brand X Music in Los Angeles, CA.

Randon has had hundreds of production music placements on several networks, including HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS, Discovery, Sundance Channel, Travel Channel and History Channel. Some of his most recent trailer placements (music and sound design) include: Godzilla vs. Kong, Separation, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, World of Warcraft, Jurassic Hunt, Legacy of Lies and Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs.

In 2019 Randon started a sound design & virtual instrument company, Fallout Music Group, with his friends Andrew Skipper, Kyle Kniceley, and Simon Haglund. They build custom instruments and tools for media composers.

Rico Derks

Rico Derks is a Dutch composer. He started out as a trainee at Cosmic Orchestra, from composer Mark Pütz. His music has been used for various TV shows, documentaries, and feature films. Besides being a professional film composer, Rico is a genius when it comes to mockup production. In 2023 he joined Master the Score and teaches you everything about orchestral programming in his course "The Virtual Orchestra".

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Simon Haglund

Simon is the person who wants to do things his own way and push the boundaries out of the ordinary. What if you put 7 instances of a plugin in serial when you’re only supposed to have one? What if you resample a sound through an effect a 100 times when you are only supposed to do it once?

Simon is a professional sound designer and producer of trailer music. He had his music used by companies like Disney and Ubisoft. He is also one of the sound designers behind the popular software instruments from ”Falloutmusicgroup”. In his course ”Sound Design For Media Composers” you get his 1000’s of hours of experimentation and exploring presented to you in digestible packages.

László Maródi

At the age of 8, playing the Ode to Joy by ear on piano, Laszlo realized he wanted to dedicate his life to music.

Laszlo Marodi is a music producer and composer, always busy working on multiple media projects, collaborating with many top-tier trailer publishers such as SPM Music Group, Universal Music Group, Warner Chappel and BrandX Music. His music earned him many placements like "Fast X", "Disney's Strange World", "Chucky" and many more.

Laszlo is also one of the founders of the well known film scoring competition, Score The World. He is creating unique cinematic sample packs, developing midi instrument devices, and always collaborates with other composers since for him: music is the best way to connect!

Other than being a producer, Laszlo is an active musician, having performed as a guitar player on many stages across Germany, Hungary and a few other countries.

Gavin Leeper

Gavin Leeper is a composer and a music educator. His YouTube channel explores the music of Japanese anime and video games through the lenses of jazz harmony and classical orchestration.

He was previously a band leader for jazz and math rock projects, studied Economics at Stanford, and worked as a Data Scientist at Spotify Japan before taking the plunge on a music career.

Today, he's composing music for video games like "Secret of Moonlight" and "Rotomagnet," while also teaching students from around the world.

Adam Lukas

Adam Lukas is a 2x EMMY nominated composer for Film & TV, located in Los Angeles, where he is working at Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers Music- a next generation composer collective. After receiving his Diploma in Composition in 2012, he found his sincere passion in composing music for motion picture. Recent credits include the BBC One 3-part documentary Primates, NatGeo’s Being The Queen (both awarded a News and Doc EMMY nomination in 2021), Netflix' Roman Empire II and the highly acclaimed Indian war movie URI: The Surgical Strike (2019) which has been awarded the National Award for Best Music. His music has been licensed and screened by many major TV stations such as BBC, National Geographic, FOX Network, ZDF, and ORF.

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Christoph Allerstorfer

Christoph Allerstorfer derives from a broad musical background, with experience as a professional musician, as well as a recording and mixing engineer. In 2013 he successfully transitioned to composing for trailer music with credits like STAR WARS – ROGUE ONE and AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, but later began to specialize more in horror and drama with music used in campaigns such as IT CHAPTER TWO, MIDSOMMAR, HIGH LIFE, 22 JULY and various others.

Between 2016 and 2019 Christoph worked as assistant to multi award-winning British composer James Griffiths, learning all the tools of the trade in the film music business.

He scored various short films and provided additional music to feature movies. The award winning movie THE JACK IN THE BOX (Winner Best Feature Movie at the British Horror Film Festival 2019) is Christoph Allerstorfer’s first feature film score.

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Ros Stephen

Ros Stephen has a 1st class degree and PhD from Bristol University. She now lives and works in London as a freelance violinist, violist, composer and sound designer. Much of her music and sound design uses live strings. Her recent trailer placements include Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Downton Abbey: A New Era, Mothering Sunday, Disney’s Cruella, Mr Jones, HBO Image Promo, The Silent Twins, Scream 5, The Dropout and The Black Phone. Her sound design has been used in numerous trailers including Ms Marvel, The Inspection and Nope. Ros was recently nominated for a 2022 Production Music Award in the Best Contemporary Classical Composition category.

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Benny Oschmann

Benny Oschmann took professional trumpet and piano lessons from an early age and played in numerous orchestras and ensembles.

After high-school Benny studied music theory and composition at the Academy of Music Kassel and graduated with an A-grade.

In 2009 he joined Dynamedion as a composer and orchestrator and has worked on video games such as Angry Birds Star Wars 2, Hitman Absolution, Disney's Toy Story 3, Kinect Rush - A Disney Pixar Adventure and The Settlers 7.

In 2013 Benny won an Aggie Award in the category Best music for his soundtrack to The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief. In 2015 he won the acclaimed German Game Developer Award in the category Best sound for his soundtrack for The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. In the same year his music was recorded with the Hollywood Studio Symphony in the world-famous Warner Bros. Eastwood Scoring Stage.

Benny is one of the most in-demand composers for sample library demos and he has composed numerous demos for Orchestral Tools, East West, Sonuscore, Native Instruments and Strezov Sampling.

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The story behind Master the score

Founded in 2021 by composer Nikolaus Daim, Master The Score delivers high quality online courses to students from all over the world. Covering any imaginable topic about media music production, Master The Score (MTS) provides valuable insights and possibilities for aspiring composers as well as professionals. To us, MTS means much more than just profit. Our ultimate goal is to accompany the musical development of our students and to provide the environment they need to grow and learn in the best way possible. To connect people sharing the same passion and interests by establishing a thriving community was and always will be of huge importance to us. And why is that so? Simply because no successful career was ever established alone. Even with a marvelous musical mind, you will need friends along your way. The whole MTS team is excited to be part of your musical journey and we hope you will truly enjoy our courses!

Master The Score came to live through a collaboration of passionate composers and teachers. We all share the love for music, and furthermore the wish of passing on our knowledge to students around the globe. Besides being collagues and fellow teachers, the team around Master The Score is defined by friendship and support. We really hope that our passion and positivity shine through our courses and provide a helpful and inspiring resource for our students. Many minds were involved in building this platform and we are thankful to every single one of them. Besides the contribution of our teachers, we want to mention the amazing work done by our graphic designers, web developers and technical experts that brought our vision to life. Nothing of this would have been possible without all the students putting their trust in us. We appreciate every single one of them and take nothing for granted. We are looking forward to see you in our courses, happy composing everyone!