Trailer Music: Elevation

From Sketch To Trailer Placement

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Trailer Music: Elevation

From Sketch To Trailer Placement




Dec. 5th

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Trailer Music: Elevation | Trailer Music Course

Build a strong foundation with our in-depth trailer music course "Trailer Music: Elevation"

To become a successful trailer music composer, it's simply a must to be aware of industry trends and to develop efficient skills and workflows. Now more than ever, we feel the need to provide aspiring composers an up to date course, covering everything necessary to succeed in the modern trailer world.

To fulfill this task, we teamed up with non other than Laszlo Marodi, a true genius when it comes to modern trailer styles.

In his everyday work, writing for companies such as Colossal Trailer Music and BrandX Music, he is required to write in many different trailer styles, facing tight deadlines.

Trailer Music: Elevation is the first part of his two-part series and builds a solid foundation for composers by teaching essential and modern trailer music concepts, unique workflows and techniques. By the end of this course students will be ready to dive into the next chapter, Trailer Music: Modern Styles which will prepare them to write for the various modern trailer music genres.

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László Maródi

At the age of 8, playing the Ode to Joy by ear on piano, Laszlo realized he wanted to dedicate his life to music.

Laszlo Marodi is a music producer and composer, always busy working on multiple media projects, collaborating with many top-tier trailer publishers such as SPM Music Group, Universal Music Group, Warner Chappel and BrandX Music. His music earned him many placements like "Fast X", "Disney's Strange World", "Chucky" and many more.

Laszlo is also one of the founders of the well known film scoring competition, Score The World. He is creating unique cinematic sample packs, developing midi instrument devices, and always collaborates with other composers since for him: music is the best way to connect!

Other than being a producer, Laszlo is an active musician, having performed as a guitar player on many stages across Germany, Hungary and a few other countries.

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I really loved this course - there are amazing insights on workflow and Laszlo explains everything very enthusiastically. The way he works from a simple sketch to a full mixed track is an eye opener and will be useful for composers in all kinds of styles. Great tips on composing and mixing - everything you need!

Toon Habraken

Toon Habraken


Get Ready For The Elevation:

The next four sections introduce you to the process of learning with László:

This course is divided by the following steps:


Establishing a career path

Laszlo starts his wonderful course by introducing his students to important concepts which will help them immensely in establishing a career path in trailer or production music. He provides valuable insights into today’s trailer music industry, as well as helpful tips on how to contact and work with the various publishers.

In a second step, students will learn about all the tools they need to start producing. Laszlo dives deep into the concept of trailer music while also pointing out the differences to other genres.

The goal of this chapter is to give aspiring trailer music composers a compact holistic picture, of everything necessary to succeed in this fast paced industry.

László Maródi introduces his course "Trailer Music: Elevation"
He covers topics like:
  • trailer music concepts
  • industry knowledge
  • necessary skillsets
  • equipment
  • trailer publishers

Getting familiar with the trailer sound

In the second chapter, students will learn about the most foundational elements of today's trailer sound. By following Laszlo, they will get a deep understanding of the different trailer FX's and how they can use them in their music.

Further Laszlo tackles of the most important ( but often times overlooked) skills every music producer needs to develop: track analysis. Laszlo provides valuable tips on how to start analysing a trailer track and how students can get the most out of their analysing sessions. In this crucial part of the course students will learn how to develop their listening and track writing methods. By following Laszlo's approach students will understand the importance of analysing music used in big AAA promos, what they should listen for and how they can make the anaylsing process effective and fun.

László Maródi explains the foundations of today's trailer sound
You will learn about:
  • trailer fx
  • musical functions
  • track analysis
  • stingers
  • bumpers and more

Pillars of creating great tracks

In this chapter, students will use use everything learned so far and expand on it by studying important principles about trailer music writing. Trailer tracks need to sound super fresh and trendy but at the same time are bound by constraints and requirements. This section will teach students effective methods to sharpen their workflow, in the most creative and effective way possible.

Furthermore Laszlo teaches his 5 favourite theme writing methods, which will help students to instantly break out of boring routines. From composing principles and theme writing methods, to track structure and templates, this section will make sure students are ready to jump right into action in the following lessons.

László Maródi presents one of his favourite theme writing methods
He teaches:
  • composing principles
  • sketching templates
  • theme writing methods
  • track structure

Creating a track from scratch

In the fourth chapter, students follow Laszlo as he creates a complete trailer cue from scratch. From beginning to end, Laszlo guides his students through every single step of his process. Everything, from creating a theme, sketching the arrangement, layering and mixing will be covered. These lessons will surely be an eye-opener to many students and help them in never getting lost again during their track writing process.

The huge value of this section will be revealed as Laszlo teaches an effective workflow by dividing the different tasks of a track into smaller parts. By simply focusing on one step at a time, the process of creating a complete industry ready track becomes much easier and faster.

To finish off his wonderful course Laszlo dives deep into his mixing process as he provides a detailed walkthrough of his finished trailer track, section by section, layer by layer.

László Maródi shows how to create a track from scratch
You will learn about:
  • sketching
  • instrumentation
  • layering
  • organization
  • efficient workflow

Course Curriculum

I. Establishing a Career Path
II. Getting familiar with the Trailer Sound
III. The Pillars of Creating Badass Trailer Tracks
IV. Creating a Track from Start to Finish
V. Get Ready to ELEVATE!


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What you will get

8+ hours of high quality content

4 main sections with over 30 lessons

creation of a full track from scratch

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What students have to say


Really enjoyed Lazslo's course, for a beginner like myself in the trailer genre,
it helped me not only from the basic requirements and needs of a trailer track but also with
clear ideas on how to develop your pieces. From ideas generation to multiple tracks analysis,
from sketching a simple idea to developing a full piece, mixing and mastering, insights on workflow and the trailer music business,
you get a lot of valuable info and tips from a great teacher, with a clear and pragmatic way to transmit his knowledge.

Filipe pereira



“I am writing to say how much I love the Trailer Music Elevation course. Laszlo is a master at his craft and does an excellent job conveying that knowledge. The course goes into great detail into what makes a killer trailer track, from writing, instrumentation to mixing and even some mastering. He’s a great teacher and is available to answer questions. I’ve been able to immediately put into practice what I learned and can clearly hear the difference in my newer tracks.”

Brett Clarin


Exclusive discounts for our students

All our students are eligible for discounts on libraries and plugins by renowned developers. This exclusive benefit alone can result in substantial savings, amounting to hundreds of dollars on composing software and libraries!

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Further information

Best suited for

This trailer music course is best suited for beginners as well as more advanced composers looking for fresh ideas and efficient workflows. The course will guide students step by step to modern trailer music productions and teach them how to build a solid and efficient worklfow so they can maximize their music output. Laszlo's system of structured composition allows him to deliver high quality music in the fastest way possible and provides a industry proven method of track creation.


  • We recommend a workstation (PC or MAC), an audio interface, speakers or headphones as well as a DAW of your choice.
  • Basic knowledge of music production

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8+ hours of high quality content


4 main sections with over 30 lessons


creation of a full track from scratch


Lifetime access to the course


Access to the private facebook and discord groups


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