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Hybrid Orchestral Composition and Sound
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Hybrid Orchestral Composition and Sound

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Hybrid Orchestral Composition and Sound
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I have purchased almost every trailer course available and by far the Hybrid Orchestral Composition and Sound course is the best! BY FAR!! Looking forward to future courses and will only purchase Master the Score courses in the future. You have cutting edge content and the material is over the top in quality. Thank you for contributing to the education of us hoping to get into the world of music composition as a profession!

Gary Salyers

Gary Salyers



Product image of course

Hybrid Orchestral Composition and Sound | Trailer Music Course

Start building a larger than life sound with Randon Purcell's trailer music course Hybrid Orchestral Composition and Sound.

Hybrid orchestral music was and still is one of the most demanded styles by today's music publishers. From production music, to film and trailer music, there is no way around it. Epic orchestral compositions paired with earth shattering sound fx and synths - it's simply one of these styles every composer should know about.

Master The Score teamed up with non other than Brand X in-house composer Randon Purcell wo already helped hundreds of students in crafting their trailer music skills. In this massive trailer music course Randon walks you through everything you need to know to produce the next hybrid orchestral trailer hit. His composition and production skills earned him placements like Kong vs Godzilla, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and many more.

To give our students the best possible learning experience we made sure to include music that was actually used in big campaigns. Besides hours of fundamental training and live composing, Randon walks you though his track "Chaos Theory" which was used in the campaign for "World of Warcraft".

This course is for you if …

if you're ready to craft cutting-edge, earth-shattering orchestral pieces worthy of a blockbuster movie

if you're ready to learn from an industry expert and finally create that professional, punchy, modern cinematic trailer sound you've always wanted

if you're eager to learn in a unique, modern, and highly practical way, all while enjoying immediate results

Check out the Trailer

Randon Purcell

Randon’s childhood was filled with music, learning classical piano from his mother from the time he was 5.

Since 2014 Randon has focused almost entirely on instrumental compositions for both trailer and production music. He has released dozens of industry albums with various publishers around the world and now works exclusively for Brand X Music in Los Angeles, CA.

Randon has had hundreds of production music placements on several networks, including HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS, Discovery, Sundance Channel, Travel Channel and History Channel. Some of his most recent trailer placements (music and sound design) include: Godzilla vs. Kong, Separation, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, World of Warcraft, Jurassic Hunt, Legacy of Lies and Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs.

In 2019 Randon started a sound design & virtual instrument company, Fallout Music Group, with his friends Andrew Skipper, Kyle Kniceley, and Simon Haglund. They build custom instruments and tools for media composers.

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The Hybrid Orchestral Roadmap

The course is divided into 6 sections:


Let's talk about the basics

The first section focuses on some of the fundamentals of hybrid orchestral trailers. Randon discusses the different acts of a trailer, the general structure and length for each of the acts, and some best practices to help make your music easier for a trailer editor to use. Finally he explores some helpful tips and ideas for each of the 4 acts.

This section will make sure you have a strong fundamental understanding of all the concepts Randon is going to build upon. After this section you are well prepared for the more advanced concepts in later sections.

Randon Purcell introduces his course "Hybrid Orchestral Composition and Sound"
He covers topics like:
  • fundamentals of hybrid orchestral trailers
  • structre
  • best practices
  • tips on each act

Favourite instruments and libraries

Randon is often asked what libraries and instruments he likes to use for hybrid orchestral music. With so many options out there on the market, it can be overwhelming and difficult to choose. In this section, Randon will discuss a number of his favorite instruments for this style of writing, complete with some examples of how they sound and how he likes to use them. Randon explores percussion libraries, brass libraries, string libraries, synths, trailer FX and some favorite audio processors. He teaches his students how to achieve a huge and impactful sound by layering different instruments and effects.

This section will equip you with everything necessary to create largen than life tracks.

Randon Purcell show his favourite instruments and libraries he works with
You will learn about Randon's:
  • layering techniques
  • essential sound combinations
  • favourite sample libraries
  • favourite plugins
  • favourite synths


After building the strong fundamentals in the previous lessons, section 3 is where the fun really begins.

Randon jumps right into action by guiding you through different composing workshops. He dives deep into writing for the various instrument and fx groups such as strings, brass, percussion, synths and more.

By following Randon as he composes live and unscripted, you will gain a deep understanding on how to write for the different orchestral sections.

Randon made sure to include all the midi files for his students to study, to provide even deeper insights on how he approaches orchestral writing.

To finish of this section Randon explores the writing of Ostinati. As Ostinati are so common and such a powerful tool, this workshop will make sure you are well equipped with techniques on how to write them.

Randon Purcell gives a deeper understanding on orchestral writing
He teaches:
  • how to write for strings
  • how to write for brass
  • how to write for percussion
  • how to write for synths
  • how to write ostinati

Compositional Building Blocks

In this section students will put everything into practice. Randon creates many different chord progressions and starts to build on them by adding percussion, brass, strings, synths and fx.

The goal of this section is to make students familiar with a simple workflow that transforms every chord progression into larger than life wall of sounds in no time.

By following Randon and completing the assignments, students will take advantage of a highly practical learning experience.

Randon Purcell goes through compositional building blocks
You will learn to:
  • create heroic chord progressions
  • create menacing chord progressions
  • write ostinati
  • write for percussion
  • write brass and string arrangements
  • add synths and fx

Ground Up Composition

Building on all previous sections and especially the individual workshops, Randon dedicates section 4 on composing a complete hybrid orchestral track from beginning to end.

Students follow Randon in realtime, composing his next trailer hit, while absorbing every detail of the production process. This makes sure they will gain a deep understanding of a proper workflow and all the compositional aspects of producing hybrid orchestral music.

Randon starts out by sketching the piece and explaining his thought process. Based on this sketch Randon then starts producing the different acts of his piece. To finish up this wonderful section Randon mixies his complete track so that it can be presented to major publishers.

Insight on Randon Purcell composing a track
Follow Randon:
  • structuring a track
  • sketching out a track
  • creating act 1-4
  • layering instruments
  • using fx
  • mixing the complete track

Deep Dive: "Black Mirror"and "Chaos Theory"

In section 5, Randon dives into his track, “Chaos Theory”, published by Exodus Music. This track has been used in World of Warcraft advertising campaigns and is definitely more of a standard trailer format for an action-based hybrid orchestral piece.

Randon starts with an overall analysis of the track and follows up with an exploration of each of the acts, breaking them down into each of the instrument groups and showing examples of layering and composition for each group.

Randon then walks you through a second track called “Black Mirror”, published by InfraSound Trailer Music. This track would fall into the "slow burn" side of hybrid orchestral music, which can be very different from your typical action hybrid orchestral trailer.

In a last bonus deep dive video, Randon analyzes the music used for the course introduction itself. Strings, brass, percussion, FX all explored in detail.

Randon Purcell walks through his tracks "Black Mirror"and "Chaos Theory"
He teaches:
  • how to focus on ideas
  • how to make your tracks licenseable
  • how to write for the different sections
  • how to structure a track



Chaos Theory


Randon Purcell

"Chaos Theory" composed by Randon Purcell is a massive hybrid orchestral track that was used in campagins for World of Warcraft. By studying tracks that were actually used in big campaigns, our goals are already set correctly.


Black Mirror


Randon Purcell

Published by Infrasound Trailer Music, this epic "slow burn" track combines everything students have learned so far, from jaw-dropping fx to layered orchestral sounds - a treasure trove ready for the students to explore.

What students have to say

David Klemencz

Composer/ Supreme Devices


"Brilliant course. The choice of topics is very wide and I really like the balance of technical and creative aspects. Being an experienced composer and producer, it was still great to brush up on the familiar while still learning a ton of great stuff. So many complex techniques explained in such a nice, accessible way. Randon's speech is very clear and his explanations are simple to understand. This course is really worth taking!"

Michael Sciabbarrasi



"Absolutely loved this course! Randon really helped me a lot, especially regarding composing tricks and techniques for trailer music but not only… This course helped me enhancing my writing and mixing skills and gave me a big boost concerning music production in general. If you want your tracks to sound epic and huge this MTS course will guide you to improve. Randon is a great composer and he explains everything effectively and clearly! I really recommend this course to every fellow composers!"

Danilo Stopic

Epic Music Composer


'I enjoyed every bit of this course. Especially with Randon as an experienced composer you get to know how to produce hybrid trailer music in a professional way! Randon explains everything detailed and shows his own approaches on his own work. The new ,,compositional building block“ is simply incredible!

I‘ve been producing Epic Music for several years but this course gave me many new ideas and insights that helped me to give my compositions a better signature touch! I recommend this course not only for beginners, but also for experienced composers, who will definitely learn new and helpfull techniques!'

Mario Džido



'Going into Randon's Hybrid Orchestral course, I was hoping it would help me get to another level in terms of creating powerful hybrid orchestral sound, and it definitely delivered. The core of it is building massive trailer tracks from start to finish - from creating a template, getting the structure right, choosing the right instruments and effects, composing efficiently for this style to quick mixing and mastering. On top of that, Randon was very helpful and concrete with the feedback on my own tracks. This course helped me improve, find focus and the right workflow to create every day!'

Scott Leach



"When I found out that Randon would be releasing a Hybrid Orchestral course, I knew I had to jump on it. I have been a huge fan of his cues and also of Fallout Music Group sample libraries, so I accurately knew that I would be learning some amazing skills. I know that layering is a huge part of hybrid music, but the workshops Randon includes in the course has helped me better understand what I’ve been missing to get those huge epic sounds. I cannot wait to start improving on some tracks that I’ve been working on!"

Rémi Croussette



Compared to other courses I have taken, the MTS hybrid orchestral trailer music course is extremely well laid out and presented. It has a great structure, detailed information and allows you to ask questions and get feedback from a community message board.

Before starting the course I was looking for a better workflow to compose faster and more consistently without losing that creative spark. The Hybrid Orchestral Trailer Music course has helped me immensely in this regard.

Randon lays out the principals of trailer music, walks you through how to compose the different sections, and explains how each instrument plays an important role in creating the emotional wall of sound found in trailer music. He then builds an entire track from start to finish, showcasing techniques and creative skills, that have become invaluable to my composing.

Highly recommended!

What you will get

offerings item image

17+ hours of high quality content

offerings item image

6 main sections with over 50 lessons

offerings item image

3 complete walkthroughs

offerings item image

Lifetime access to the course

offerings item image

30-day satisfaction period

offerings item image

Access to the private facebook and discord groups

offerings item image

An instructor who shares all his knowledge

Course Curriculum

Let's Talk About the Basics
Favorite Instruments & Libraries
Compositional Building Blocks
Ground Up Composition
Deep Dive: Analysis of my track Black Mirror
Deep Dive: Analysis of my track Chaos Theory
Deep Dive: Analysis of my course Intro Music

Best suited for

This trailer music course is best suited for beginners as well as more advanced composers looking to get started with hybrid orchestral music. Students will learn all about trailer music structure and how to achieve a massive trailer music sound , worthy of big blockbuster campaigns. More advanced composers can benefit from Randon's workflow, sample library and layering tips as well the valuable walkthoughs and track creations.


  • We recommend a workstation (PC or MAC), an audio interface, speakers or headphones as well as a DAW of your choice.
  • Basic understanding of your DAW of choice
  • Basic understnding on how to use sample libraries and plugins
  • Basic understanding of music theory

Exclusive discounts for our students

All our students are eligible for discounts on libraries and plugins by renowned developers. This exclusive benefit alone can result in substantial savings, amounting to hundreds of dollars on composing software and libraries!

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6 main sections with over 50 lessons


3 complete walkthroughs


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Enjoy a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and if you've completed less than 25% of the lessons, we'll grant a full refund.

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