The Legend Of Otoe
The Legend Of Otoe: Composing Music For Anime and JRPGs

Composing Music For Anime and JRPGs

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The Legend Of Otoe
The Legend Of Otoe: Composing Music For Anime and JRPGs

Composing Music For Anime and JRPGs




Dec 5 2023

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Finally Compose Anime Music!

Learn how to write for anime and JRPGs in the style of your favorite composers

Expand Your Musical Repertoire!

Move beyond traditional concepts in melodic and harmonic writing to enhance your musical vocabulary

Learn the Theory The Fun Way!

You want to dive into a wonderful, fun, and highly practical journey to enhance your compositions

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The Legend Of Otoe: Writing Music For Anime and JRPGs | Music Composition Course

Learn to write music for Anime and JRPGs!

From composers and music educators Gavin Leeper and Ryan Leach comes the first level of their highly anticipated music composition course "The Legend of Otoe: Composing Music for Anime and JRPGs". You'll learn how to compose music in the style of your favorite Japanese composers, such as Joe Hisaishi, Koji Kondo, and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

If you grew up playing games like Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, and Legend of Zelda, then you know that there is something really special about Japanese film and video game music. That's why Ryan and Gavin have broken it down into all of the little individual elements that, when brought together, make this genre of music so rich and impactful.

And to give the course an extra spin, the course is structured around an original story, including professional writing, artwork, and narration by a native Japanese speaker. As you are learning to write music for anime, they want you to feel like you're in one as well.

Get ready to write your own compositions in the beautiful style of anime and JRPG music and discover The Legend of Otoe!

Ryan Leach

As an 8 year old growing up in South Australia, Ryan started studying guitar so that he could play Beatles songs, which marked the beginning of a lifelong passion for music. Now an award winning composer for Film and TV, his music has been heard on every major network with clients including Disney, The California Lottery, MTV, Lowe’s, Rainn Wilson's SoulPancake, and the Netflix Original film Candy Jar. Before branching out as a freelance composer, Ryan earned a degree in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music and worked as assistant to veteran composer Michael Levine at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions.

Gavin Leeper

Gavin Leeper is a composer and a music educator. His YouTube channel explores the music of Japanese anime and video games through the lenses of jazz harmony and classical orchestration.

He was previously a band leader for jazz and math rock projects, studied Economics at Stanford, and worked as a Data Scientist at Spotify Japan before taking the plunge on a music career.

Today, he's composing music for video games like "Secret of Moonlight" and "Rotomagnet," while also teaching students from around the world.

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"As someone who has always been inspired by contemporary Japanese music, this course has been invaluable to me. In a world of primarily western focused music theory, Gavin's work is a lighthouse illuminating the innovative techniques of modern Japanese harmony. With Ryan's brilliant expertise in orchestration, the two of them are a powerhouse that any composer interested in this style will benefit immensely from."

Christian Michael Poynter

Christian Michael Poynter


Your journey through the course:

This course is divided by the following steps:


Foundational Harmony

The journey begins by setting the foundation for everything to come. Japanese anime and JRPG music is known for it's rich and lush harmonies, but reaching that level of sophistication requires a firm understanding of core harmonic principles.

Gavin and Ryan clearly explain topics like harmonic function, cadences, and secondary dominants. With examples from classic video game tunes and original compositions, you'll learn what these concepts are, what they mean, and most importantly how to use them.

The core of the first section is the lesson on common chord progressions. There are certain progressions that appear again and again across anime and JRPG music. You'll be introduced to some of the most common ones, including the classic Royal Road progression and the concept of Diatonic Walks.

Gavin Leeper explains foundational harmony
Students will learn about:
  • Common Japanese Chord Progressions
  • Harmonic Functions
  • Cadences
  • Secondary Dominants


Enhanced Harmony and Melody

Take everything to a higher level as we explore ways to make our harmony richer and more sophisticated. To add to the harmony lessons, this section goes into the details of 7th chords, chord voicings, and the use of inversions.

With all of that harmony training you'll be well prepared to take on the melody writing section of the course. We go deep into common melodic structures, including the Period Form and Sentence Form. With these forms in your toolkit you'll always know how to turn a simple idea into a complete theme with a satisfying structure and contour.

Bring the harmonic and melodic aspects together with a lesson on melody note choices. There are certain chord tones that are more idiomatic to Japanese anime and JRPG music than others. In this section you'll understand what those choices are and how to make them yourself.

Gavin Leeper gives tips on enhancing harmony and melody
Level up your skills:
  • Melody Note Choices
  • 7th Chords
  • Extensions
  • Melodic Structure


Writing for Piano

Armed with a solid grasp of the essential theory concepts, it's time to turn the ideas into real music. We take our first steps into composition by focusing on the piano, an instrument that takes a center stage role in countless anime and JRPG tracks.

Ryan and Gavin show you common piano patterns, both right hand and left hand techniques, so even if you're not a piano player yourself you'll understand how to write for the instrument. Go deeper with chord voicings, learn to fill out a melody with harmony, and add classic accompaniment patterns to your toolkit.

Not only do you learn about essential techniques, you learn why they work in the first place. That way you can take the underlying concepts of how to support the harmony and energy of the music and go on to invent your own textures and patterns.

Ryan Leach explains piano techniques
Refine your writing with:
  • Left Hand Patterns
  • Arrangement Techniques
  • Useful Textures


Your Hometown Village Theme

In the final section of the course, Gavin and Ryan walk you through the final arrangement of your own Hometown Village theme. Building on the layers from previous lessons, you'll compose a complete piece of music arranged for string quartet and piano.

You'll learn how to write take music written for the piano and arrange it for strings. Arranging is not simply a copy-paste job, which means you need to understand how to turn something written for the piano into music that works great on a string instrument. You'll pick up useful shortcuts for making string writing more idiomatic and less "pianistic".

Besides learning to write for strings and piano together, you'll also learn what to do when the piano piece is being arranged for just strings. What parts of the music need to be adapted? What advantages do the strings have over the piano that can add even more color and interest to the music? This is where it all comes together.

Ryan Leach presents the quest "Arrange for string quartet"
Bring your music to life with:
  • String Quartet writing
  • Enhancing piano parts
  • Working from a sketch

Course Curriculum

Level 1-1
Level 1-2
Level 1-3
Level 1-4


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What you will get

3+ hours of high quality content

4 main sections with over 28 lessons

Access to the private facebook and discord groups

Exclusive discounts for students

30-day satisfaction period

Lifetime access to the course

What students have to say


The Legend Of Otoe was the first course I took on Master The Score. It's a nice step-by-step process to write your first jrpg main theme with a solid harmony underneath. I enjoyed the different homework assignments that felt like small achievements before even completing the course

Hamza Bennani Smires



The course did not only teach me the jrpg style, but also helped me to expand my harmonic vocabulary. Every composition I wrote since finishing with Legends of Otoe benefited from this new knowledge. I am eagerly looking forward to Legends of Otoe part two!

Gabriel G.

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Further information

Best suited for

This music composition online course is best suited for intermediate as well as more advanced composers looking to improve their craft. Covering important aspects like melody, harmony, accompaniment, form and orchestration, this course provides all the necessary tools to create the wonderful sound of Anime and JRPGs.


  • Basic notation reading
  • Basic understanding of music theory (scales, chords, roman numerals)

Pricing options

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3+ hours of high quality content


4 main sections with over 28 lessons


Access to the private facebook and discord groups


Exclusive discounts for students


30-day satisfaction period


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incl. VAT
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