Sound Design for Media Composers

Creative Processing Techniques

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Sound Design for Media Composers

Creative Processing Techniques




Dec. 5th

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Stand Out From The Crowd

Elevate your music to new heights by crafting your own standout sound design. Get ready to leave your audience speechless with tracks that are truly unique.

Craft Your Own Unique Sounds!

Follow an industry expert and learn to create the most common sound effects from scratch

Build Your Own Library!

Engage in a highly practical course and learn sound design in a fun and hands-on manner, so you can finish the course with your very own sound design library

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Sound Design for Media Composers | Sound Design Online Course

Get ready to create earth-shattering sounds for film and trailer music with Simon Haglund's "Sound Design For Media Composers."

In today's music and sound industry, where composers have access to the same tools and libraries, it's easy to end up with a generic sound. The next step is to develop your own unique musical identity. But how do you go about it? How can you create a distinctive sound that's truly your own?

In his sound design course 'Sound Design for Media Composers', industry expert Simon Haglund guides you through the essential knowledge to craft your own unique sounds and effects. This course will inspire you to unleash your creativity and develop your unique sound designs through a range of assignments. To help you get started, you'll have access to source recordings and practical cheat sheets for a variety of sound effects.

This course is designed for composers working on film, TV, trailers, games, and anyone aspiring to be a sound designer. You'll discover practical techniques and insights that will elevate your compositions and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Join us on this sonic adventure that will change the way you approach sound design.

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Simon Haglund

Simon is the person who wants to do things his own way and push the boundaries out of the ordinary. What if you put 7 instances of a plugin in serial when you’re only supposed to have one? What if you resample a sound through an effect a 100 times when you are only supposed to do it once?

Simon is a professional sound designer and producer of trailer music. He had his music used by companies like Disney and Ubisoft. He is also one of the sound designers behind the popular software instruments from ”Falloutmusicgroup”. In his course ”Sound Design For Media Composers” you get his 1000’s of hours of experimentation and exploring presented to you in digestible packages.

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Simon’s course offers a wealth of sound design techniques that areuseful and inspiring no matter your experience level. He teaches in away that’s easy to understand and I found myself implementing severaltechniques in my own projects along the way. I really found the cheatsheets to be helpful because I tend to forget things. I print them outand always have a quick guide on hand if I get stuck. Whether you workin trailer music or film scoring, I would highly recommend thiscourse.

Brooke Mitchell

Brooke Mitchell

Sound Design for Media Composers

Start your sound design journey:

This course is divided by the following steps:


Fundamental Sound Design Knowledge

Welcome to the foundation of your sound design journey. Here, you will learn essential techniques that form the backbone of this craft. Understanding these fundamentals is like unlocking the language of sound. Delve into the world of synthesis, exploring various types and gaining hands-on experience with the powerful free synth, "Vital". Gain a solid grasp of this indispensable tool and it’s signal flow.

Simon Haglund gives an overview of his course "Sound Design"
  • Different Synth types
  • Vital synth crash course
  • Layering for huge sounds
  • Repitching
  • Resampling


Tonal Sound Design

Get ready to shape sounds that define your unique style. In this section, you'll dive into the world of braams, tonal bends, signature sounds, basses, arps, and pulses. Gain insight into both theory and practical application as we explore the essential tools and techniques to make your tracks stand out. Whether you're working with entirely free plugins or have access to premium ones, you'll be guided in achieving the tonal effects you envision.

Simon Haglund gives tips on tonal sound design
Impact sound design:
  • Whoosh hits
  • Sub booms
  • Processing of impacts
  • Theory of hits and booms


Impact Sound Design

Get ready to make a statement. Simon will break down the creation of impactful cinematic whoosh hits and sub booms. Understand the theory behind these attention-grabbing sounds and learn the tools necessary to make them resonate. Elevate the impact of your projects with this essential skill set, using exclusively free plugins or premium ones, depending on your available resources.

Simon Haglund explains how to make impact sounds
Tonal Sound Design:
  • Braams
  • Tonal bends
  • Signature sounds
  • Arps and pulses
  • Pings


Transitional Sound Design

Now, let's add movement to your sonic palette. In this section you will be guided through, risers, downers, and whooshes, providing both theory and practical application. Discover the tools you need to create these dynamic effects and understand how they seamlessly transition in your projects. Simon will show you how to achieve these effects using exclusively free plugins or premium ones, ensuring you can follow along regardless of your resources.

Simon Haglund explains transitional sound design
Transitional Sound Design:
  • Whooshes
  • Risers
  • Downers
  • Theory of transitions
  • Guide the listener


Landscape Sound Design

Immerse yourself in the creation of immersive environments. With Simon as your guide, you'll explore drones, pads, atmospheres, and textures. Gain a deep understanding of the theory behind these evocative sounds, the tools needed to craft them, and how they enrich the auditory tapestry of your projects. No matter your plugin preferences, free or premium, Simon will show you how to create captivating soundscapes.

Simon Haglund explains and gives tips on soundscapes
Landscape Sound Design:
  • Cinematic textures
  • Pads
  • Drones
  • Ambiences
  • Theory of landscape sounds

Course Curriculum

Intro / Welcome
Fundamental Sound Design Knowledge
Tonal Sound Design
Impact Sound Design
Transitional Sound Design
Landscape Sound Design


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What you will get

13+ hours of high quality content

5 main sections with over 65 lessons

Source sounds for each type of sound

Cheat sheet for each type of sound

Synth presets

Access to the private facebook and discord groups

An instructor who shares all his knowledge

Lifetime access to the course

What students have to say


"Simon is a master at sound design, and in this course he explains his way of working in a way that is very easy to follow and learn from.The course starts off with the foundations and then builds more and more on that foundation and by doing so helps you build your own skills up in a straightforward and effective way. After finishing this course you will be able to produce professional sound design that also has that organic feel that is so sought after these days. I can't recommend this course highly enough."

Frederik Sjöholm



'I really enjoyed this course. I think anyone interested in sound design can get a lot out of it, not only composers of trailer music. Starting with the fundamental concepts and working its way into advanced territories, I walked away with a lot of cool new techniques in my arsenal.
Simon's love for experimenting and creating sounds really shines through, which is contagious. I felt very inspired to go create after each lesson.'

Tomas Westling


Exclusive discounts for our students

All our students are eligible for discounts on libraries and plugins by renowned developers. This exclusive benefit alone can result in substantial savings, amounting to hundreds of dollars on composing software and libraries!

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Further information

Best suited for

This sound design course is best suited for beginner and advanced composers as well as aspiring sound designers. Students will learn about sound design fundmentals and start building their own sound design library throughout the course by studying and recreating different sounds.


  • workstation (PC or MAC), an audio interface, speakers or headphones as well as a DAW of your choice.
  • basic understanding of your DAW of choice
  • (optional) recording equpiment

Pricing options

Intro Sale


13+ hours of high quality content


5 main sections with over 65 lessons


Source sounds for each type of sound


Cheat sheet for each type of sound


Synth presets


One time payment

incl. VAT
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