Mixing Cinematic Music

The complete guide to professional mixes

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Mixing Cinematic Music

The complete guide to professional mixes




May 31st

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Professional Mixes Every Time

Craft clean and powerful orchestral mixes consistently, ensuring your compositions sound polished and professional

Let Your Orchestra Shine

Learn to properly EQ each instrument, understanding their individual strengths and weaknesses, for instant improvements in your music's clarity and balance

Master Depth and Dynamics

Finally understand concepts like reverb and compression, and learn how to control depth and dynamics in your mix

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Mixing Cinematic Music | Orchestral Mixing Course

Elevate your cinematic music mixes to a professional level with Joel Dollie's orchestral mixing course "Mixing Cinematic Music" - the course which already helped hundreds and hundreds of students on their musical journey.

You want your music to sound polished, impactful and professional?

Whether you're a composer or a mixing engineer, this comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about mixing music for film, TV, trailers, and video games.

With a focus on orchestral music, synths, and sound design, you'll learn how to create professional-grade mixes for a variety of cinematic genres.

Joël's tips and techniques will help you take your productions to new heights, as you learn how to bring your music to life with a polished, professional-grade mix.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your mixing skills and create cinematic music that will captivate your audience.

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Joël Dollié

Joël Dollié is a French Mixing and Mastering engineer whose work can be heard throughout the music and entertainment industry.

His talents have been utilized by companies including Ghostwriter Music, SPM Music Group, Sonic Symphony, Cavalry music and more. His mixes can be heard in trailer campaigns like “Loki’’ (TV Series), ‘‘Abominable’’ or ‘‘The Chosen’’.

Joel's works also include productions by electronic media giants Ubisoft and Riot Games as well as major artists like Grammy winning producers ‘‘Cubeatz’’ as well as Gryffin, Simon Khorolskiy and many more. Spitfire Audio's acclaimed BBC Symphony Orchestra and Appassionata sample libraries showcase demonstration tracks mixed and mastered by Joel.

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'Joel is a brilliant audio engineer with a knack of making complex mixing concepts accessible and understandable to everyone'




The Mixing Cinematic Music Roadmap

The next four sections introduce you to the process of learning with Joël

This course is divided by the following steps:


Fundamentals of Mixing

In the first Section Joël goes over all the key concepts of mixing cinematic music. These lessons will make sure you understand all the fundamental mixing principles and don't just follow some rules.

From tweaking reverbs to fine tuning your panning to perfecting the tonal balance of your tracks, everything is covered.

This series of videos is designed to be highly applicable and straight to the point. EQ, reverbs or panning won't have secrets for you anymore. No matter how advanced you are, you will learn something new from this part of the course. Basic topics are covered, like routing or balance, but we also go in depth with advanced reverb techniques or parallel compression tricks, for example.

Joël Dollié teaches about key concepts of mixing cinematic music
He covers topics like:
  • tonal balance
  • creating depth in a mix
  • panning
  • dynamics and more

Mixing individual instruments

The second set of videos is called ‘’how to EQ’’ where Joël breaks down all the main orchestral instruments and how to EQ them.

How many times have you been sitting in front of your production asking yourself: „how did the mixing engineer EQ this instrument again“?

To help you out with speeding up your workflow, we built this section as sort of an encyclopedia for the students to come back to and check how certain instruments are usually processed.

This series of videos is useful for orchestral instruments, as there often are common problem areas unique to each orchestral instrument, even between two different libraries from different manufacturers.

Joël Dollié breaks down all main orchestral instruments and EQ them
You will learn:
  • the problem areas of orchestral instruments
  • how to EQ strings
  • how to EQ percussion
  • how to EQ bass
  • how to EQ woodwinds

Mixing Sound Design

The third section is all about sound design. Since sound design elements like braams, risers, downers, wooshes, hits, synth elements, signature sounds, pads, atmospheres and so on are a big part of modern cinematic music, Joël dedicates a whole section on how to process them to make them sound polished and impactful at the same time.

He teaches you how to enhance synths as well as custom sound design elements made by Simon Haglund during his course „Sound Design for Media Composers“.

Joël Dollié shows how to process sound design elements
He teaches:
  • how to process synths
  • how to process custom sound design elements
  • how to mix creatively
  • how to blend sound design elements

Mix Deconstructions

The fourth section, and arguably the most important, is the mix deconstructions. In order to put everything that was previously learnt into practice, Joël mixes various styles of tracks provided by industry professionals such as Adam Lukas, Christoph Allerstorfer, Mattia Chiappa, Simon Haglund, Luke Olney, Julien Casel and Layal Watfeh. In order to prepare students for as many situations as possible we made sure to include a variety of different styles as mix deconstructions.

Joël Dollié mixes various styles of tracks
Follow Joël mixing:
  • modern cinematic productions
  • horror film scores
  • classic Hollywood orchestral tracks
  • hybrid orchestral
  • hard hitting sound design trailers

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Mixing Cinematic Music
Fundamentals of mixing
How To EQ Orchestral Instruments
Trailer and Sound Design Mixing
DNA Mix Deconstruction
Ghostbusters Mix Deconstruction
Cinefest Mix Deconstruction
Mother; Jack Kills Again Mix Deconstruction
Krig Mix Deconstruction
The Mandragora Mix Deconstruction
Going Home Again Mix Deconstruction
Bonus Text Resources and Charts





Adam Lukas

Watch Joël mix ”Mandragora“ composed by EMMY© Award winning composer Adam Lukas. This track illustrates perfectly how to balance the mid range and low end tastefully and create separation in a darker mix.


Mother ; Jack Kills Again


Christoph Allerstorfer

This horror cue combines two tracks from the Jack and the Box- Awaking OST, written by Christoph Allerstorfer. It incorporates organic sound design and frightening live orchestral sounds. This mix really showcases how to blend live orchestra and samples, which is something that composers will often need to do.




Mattia Chiappa

Cinefest is a beautifully orchestrated traditional ''film score style'' track. As it is a live orchestra with strings, brass, winds and percussion recorded together in the same room, this mix deconstruction showcases the challenges we face when mixing such a piece.




Simon Haglund

In this hard hitting, sound design trailer cue, Joël showcases mixing synths and sound effects, more creative mixing techniques and how to create separation in a dense mix.




Julien Casel

In this hybrid orchestral trailer cue by Julien Casel, Joël shows how to mix a massive fantasy orchestral hybrid track, and achieve the perfect ”wall of sound“ backend of the piece.




Layal Watfeh

”DNA“ is a dense modern track that blends libraries, synths and live instruments. The drums in particular have a fair amount of layering, so this mix deconstruction is a great example on how to achieve a powerful wall of cinematic drums.


Going Home Again


Luke Olney

''Going Home Again'' is a gentle traditional sounding orchestral cue. As an official demo for the Spitfire Appassionata strings library, it showcases a lot of beautiful string writing, alongside supporting woodwinds, brass and percussion. This is probably the most ''conservative'' mix out of all the mix deconstructions. Realism is the key word here as this track was arranged and the midi was programmed to sound as realistic as possible.

Listen to the mix deconstructions in the course curriculum previews.

What you will get

17+ hours of high quality content

4 main sections with over 90 lessons

7 complete mix deconstructions

Lifetime access to the course

Access to the private facebook and discord groups

30-day satisfaction period

An instructor who shares all his knowledge

What students have to say


"Joël does a fantastic job of breaking down the mixing process for cinematic music. His videos help explain everything clearly, and the bonus notes and files he's included with the course are a life saver!"

Stephen Berkemeier

Composer/ aka Tabletopcomposer


'Joël’s Mixing Cinematic Music course teaches you everything you fundamentally need to know to become a better composer and mixer. I can honestly say that after taking this course, you will begin to think differently when producing your scores!'

Tyler Grow

Music Composer


'Joel's course is absolutely phenomenal. Before I took the course I had no idea of what I was doing. Joel taught me everything with his examples and fine details on how to mix a song properly and from a complete beginner, my music started to sound professional. '

Vincent Bender

Composer/Sound Engineer


'I was already familiar with Joel’s great mixing tutorials on YouTube but this course takes it to another level. The course is thoroughly designed and Joel provides all the tools and theory you need to feel confident when mixing any genre of orchestral music. Truly eye-opening!'

Paul Thiebaut


Exclusive discounts for our students

All our students are eligible for discounts on libraries and plugins by renowned developers. This exclusive benefit alone can result in substantial savings, amounting to hundreds of dollars on composing software and libraries!

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Further information

Best suited for

This orchestral mixing course is suited for composers of all skill levels, as well as mixing engineers looking to improve their craft. Students will learn all about mixing fundamentals as well as instrument and fx specific techniques. Besides teaching the necessary theory, this course is highly practical as it provides many examples and methods that students can instantly apply to their own productions.


  • workstation (PC or MAC), audio interface, speakers or headphones as well as a DAW of your choice.
  • Basic understanding of your DAW of choice
  • Basic understanding of common plugins like EQ, compressors and reverbs

Pricing options

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17+ hours of high quality content


4 main sections with over 90 lessons


7 complete mix deconstructions


Lifetime access to the course


Access to the private facebook and discord groups


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