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The Next Generation of Online Courses for Media Composers.

Master The Score delivers high level expertise for composition, orchestration, production, mixing and mastering, aimed equally at film, TV, game and trailer composers. Learn from award winning professionals and become part of a thriving community.

Let‘s aim for mastery together!

Upcoming Courses

Pillars Of Composition II

Ryan Leach

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Trailer Music: Organic Horror

Professional Horror Productions

Christoph Allerstorfer

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The Art of Virtual Orchestration

Professional Mock Up Productions

Benny Oschmann

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Cinematic Music Production

A guide to professional cinematic writing

Adam Lukas

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Learn from Professionals

Master the Score works with highly qualified professionals who will give you valuable insights in their daily work. Every single tutor brings a sheer endless list of credits and accomplishments in their field.

Meet The Tutors

Adam Lukas

Currently based in LA, Adam is an EMMY© Award-winning composer, working at Hans Zimmer's Bleeding Fingers Music.

With his course "Cinematic Music Production" he provides invaluable insights in his daily work and raises the bar when it comes to modern music production.

Benny Oschmann

Award winning composer Benny Oschmann is one of the most in-demand composers for sample library demos.

With his course "The Art of Virtual Orchestration" he sets new limits for creating realistic orchestral mock ups.

Christoph Allerstorfer

Film-and Trailer Composer Christoph Allerstorfer with trailer credits like STAR WARS – ROGUE ONE, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, IT CHAPTER TWO, MIDSOMMAR and HIGH LIFE.

In his course Trailer Music: Organic Horror he shares all his secrets to a frightening good sound.

Gavin Leeper

Gavin Leeper is a composer and a music educator. His YouTube channel explores the music of Japanese anime and video games through the lenses of jazz harmony and classical orchestration.

Together with Ryan Leach he shares his knowledge in his course 'The Legend Of Otoe: Writing Music For Anime And JRPGs'

Joël Dollié

Joël Dollié is a Mixing and Mastering engineer who had his talents utilized by artists like Gryffin or Cubeatz, or companies like the SPM Music Group, Ubisoft or Riot Games.

In his brand new course "Mixing Cinematic Music" he shares his knowledge for achieving an industry ready mix.

László Maródi

László is professional composer writing for some of the biggest trailer companies in the world, including Colossal Trailer Music and Brand X Music

In his courses "Elevation" and "The Modern Styles" he revolutionises the way of teaching Trailer Music

Mattia Chiappa

Orchestral Virtuoso Mattia Chiappa with credits like Netflix, BBC and Discovery documentaries.

In his course "20th Century Orchestral Writing" he teaches how to write complex orchestral arrengements in the style of Hollywood's golden era.

Randon Purcell

Media Composer Randon Purcell, with placements like Godzilla vs. Kong, Separation, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and World of Warcraft nowadays works exclusively for Brand X Music in Los Angeles, CA.

In his course Trailer Music: Hybrid Orchestral Composition and Sound" he demystifies one of the most demanded styles in todays industry.

Rico Derks

Rico Derks is an Dutch composer. His music has been used for various TV shows, documentaries, and films in the Netherlands. Besides being a professional film composer, Rico is a genius when it comes to professional mock up production.

Together with Benny Oschmann he teaches you all his skills in "The Art Of Virtiual Orcestration".

Ros Stephen

Ros Stephen has a 1st class degree and PhD from Bristol University and works in London as a freelance violinist, violist, composer and sound designer.


Her recent trailer placements include Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Downton Abbey: A New Era, Disney’s Cruella and Scream 5. Her sound design has been used in numerous trailers including Ms Marvel, The Inspection and Nope.

Ryan Leach

Ryan Leach is an Award Winning Composer for film and tv. His music has been heard on Every major Network. His clients includes Disney, Mtv and Netflix.

He is a passionate about music theory and teaches you about it in his course "The Pillars of Composition".

Simon Haglund

Simon is a professional sound designer and composer. His music was used in campaigns by Disney and Ubisoft. He is also one of the sound designers behind the popular software instruments from ”Falloutmusicgroup”.

His course "Sound Design for Media Composers" reveals the techniques behind his unique sound.

Dive deep into every aspect of media music

Get ready to level up your skills with in-depth courses in all relevant composing disciplines.

Collage about Media Music


Level up your composition skills with our courses "Pillars of Composition“ and "20th Century Orchestral Writing“.



Learn orchestration techniques in the style of your favourite composers in Mattia Chiappa's course „20th Century Orchestral Writing“.

Music Production

Music Production

Make your productions sound professional and realistic by studying „The Art of Virtual Orchestration“ by Benny Oschmann and start to create cinematic music with Emmy winning composer Adam Lukas.

Trailer Music

Trailer Music

Get started or amp up your trailer music by learning from professional composers like Christoph Allerstorfer and Randon Purcell and watch them dissect their tracks used in big movie and game campaigns.

Sound Design

Sound Design

Get ready to create your own, earth shattering sounds and follow Simon Haglund on a hybrid journey through „Sound Design for Media Composers.“



Make your tracks sound professional and impactful by studying Joël Dollié's course „Mixing Cinematic Music“.

Collage about Community

Meet new colleagues in the Master the Score community

  • Get access to our exclusive Facebook and Discord groups and start connecting with fellow composers.

  • Post your work and discuss relevant topics with the community.

  • Help each other out, receive feedback and grow together with your colleagues

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Subtitles available for
all courses

All courses now offer subtitles in a variety of languages to cater to a diverse and global audience. Enjoy the flexibility of learning in your preferred language with our inclusive subtitle options.

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Japanese
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What students have to say

Shane Farnan


Ryan’s approach is a welcome surprise that really benefitted my own writing process.  Unlike other courses, he sketches in Dorico before jumping into his DAW.  Ryan’s detailed analysis of the genre that can be applied to nearly any musical style.  They may call this a “mini” course… it is anything but.  There is a ton inspiring material - so much so that I grabbed Ryan’s other courses!

Danilo Stopic

Epic Music Composer

'I enjoyed every bit of this course. Especially with Randon as an experienced composer you get to know how to produce hybrid trailer music in a professional way! Randon explains everything detailed and shows his own approaches on his own work. The new ,,compositional building block“ is simply incredible!

I‘ve been producing Epic Music for several years but this course gave me many new ideas and insights that helped me to give my compositions a better signature touch! I recommend this course not only for beginners, but also for experienced composers, who will definitely learn new and helpfull techniques!'

Mary Shaw


20th Century Orchestral Writing was a real game changer for me. Since I have no formal training, I wasn't aware how important it is to first clarify your musical ideas and tie them together harmonically before attempting orchestration. Mattia's clear explanations about the importance of piano sketching and excellent MIDI orchestration examples opened up a whole new world of musical exploration for me. Highly recommended.

Mario Džido


'Going into Randon's Hybrid Orchestral course, I was hoping it would help me get to another level in terms of creating powerful hybrid orchestral sound, and it definitely delivered. The core of it is building massive trailer tracks from start to finish - from creating a template, getting the structure right, choosing the right instruments and effects, composing efficiently for this style to quick mixing and mastering. On top of that, Randon was very helpful and concrete with the feedback on my own tracks. This course helped me improve, find focus and the right workflow to create every day!'



'Joel is a brilliant audio engineer with a knack of making complex mixing concepts accessible and understandable to everyone'

Brett Clarin


“I am writing to say how much I love the Trailer Music Elevation course. Laszlo is a master at his craft and does an excellent job conveying that knowledge. The course goes into great detail into what makes a killer trailer track, from writing, instrumentation to mixing and even some mastering. He’s a great teacher and is available to answer questions. I’ve been able to immediately put into practice what I learned and can clearly hear the difference in my newer tracks.”

Vincent Bender

Composer/Sound Engineer

'Joel's course is absolutely phenomenal. Before I took the course I had no idea of what I was doing. Joel taught me everything with his examples and fine details on how to mix a song properly and from a complete beginner, my music started to sound professional. '

Gary Salyers


I have purchased almost every trailer course available and by far the Hybrid Orchestral Composition and Sound course is the best! BY FAR!! Looking forward to future courses and will only purchase Master the Score courses in the future. You have cutting edge content and the material is over the top in quality. Thank you for contributing to the education of us hoping to get into the world of music composition as a profession!

Paul Thiebaut


'I was already familiar with Joel’s great mixing tutorials on YouTube but this course takes it to another level. The course is thoroughly designed and Joel provides all the tools and theory you need to feel confident when mixing any genre of orchestral music. Truly eye-opening!'

Toon Habraken


I really loved this course - there are amazing insights on workflow and Laszlo explains everything very enthusiastically. The way he works from a simple sketch to a full mixed track is an eye opener and will be useful for composers in all kinds of styles. Great tips on composing and mixing - everything you need!

Mark Baldwin

Beginner Composer

"Ryan's Pillars of Composition is an incredible resource.  Even for an absolute beginner, like me, the content is straightforward and provides a great roadmap to improve your compositions."

Rico Derks

I really enjoyed this course. I think anyone interested in sound design can get a lot out of it, not only composers of trailer music. Starting with the fundamental concepts and working its way into advanced territories, I walked away with a lot of cool new techniques in my arsenal.Simon's love for experimenting and creating sounds really shines through, which is contagious. I felt very inspired to go create after each lesson.

Filipe pereira


Really enjoyed Lazslo's course, for a beginner like myself in the trailer genre,
it helped me not only from the basic requirements and needs of a trailer track but also with
clear ideas on how to develop your pieces. From ideas generation to multiple tracks analysis,
from sketching a simple idea to developing a full piece, mixing and mastering, insights on workflow and the trailer music business,
you get a lot of valuable info and tips from a great teacher, with a clear and pragmatic way to transmit his knowledge.

Stephen Berkemeier

Composer/ aka Tabletopcomposer

"Master The Score has accomplished something unique. They've created an incredible library of courses taught by industry professionals who are at the top of their respective fields. However, more than this, they've made sure that each instructor is an effective teacher as well! Their classes are clear and insightful. I can't recommend them enough!"

Marcel Gruhn


"I bought this course really quickly after release, because i knew Ryan makes high quality Videos regarding composition and orchestration on Youtube.... and it was 100 % worth it :)

The course is structered really well (the prozess of always returning to already learned techniques is really good) and for me as new composer, who just started this year the content has such a great value.

100% recommended"

Michael Johnson


“Ryan’s course is fantabulous! I’m a songwriter and composer of musical theater with 20-plus years of experience, and I can tell you that diving back with Ryan into the details of form, counterpoint, melodic construction, and harmony has proved invaluable. What’s more, I find Ryan’s straightforward approach, as well as his no-nonsense, effortless decision-making process to be joyful and awe-inspiring.”

Christian Michael Poynter

"As someone who has always been inspired by contemporary Japanese music, this course has been invaluable to me. In a world of primarily western focused music theory, Gavin's work is a lighthouse illuminating the innovative techniques of modern Japanese harmony. With Ryan's brilliant expertise in orchestration, the two of them are a powerhouse that any composer interested in this style will benefit immensely from."

Ahmad Mounir


I am very glad to find MTS after a long struggle finding the right educational platform online. I've been watching tons of scattered YouTube videos about composing/arranging that would never take you in a linear approach but confuse you even more. I wanted an organised step by step method to cover everything from A to Z, from an empty canvas to a full blown and well produced music. After I found MTS, I no longer looked for another platform. If you want awesome fast response support and high quality educational products, Master The Score delivers.

Tomas Westling


'I really enjoyed this course. I think anyone interested in sound design can get a lot out of it, not only composers of trailer music. Starting with the fundamental concepts and working its way into advanced territories, I walked away with a lot of cool new techniques in my arsenal.
Simon's love for experimenting and creating sounds really shines through, which is contagious. I felt very inspired to go create after each lesson.'

Stephen Berkemeier

Composer/ aka Tabletopcomposer

"Joël does a fantastic job of breaking down the mixing process for cinematic music. His videos help explain everything clearly, and the bonus notes and files he's included with the course are a life saver!"

Frederik Sjöholm


"Simon is a master at sound design, and in this course he explains his way of working in a way that is very easy to follow and learn from.The course starts off with the foundations and then builds more and more on that foundation and by doing so helps you build your own skills up in a straightforward and effective way. After finishing this course you will be able to produce professional sound design that also has that organic feel that is so sought after these days. I can't recommend this course highly enough."

Ed Buller


"20th Century Orchestral Writing" is an immediate purchase for anybody wanting to own a complete how-to for modern film scoring. It offers a complete and detailed look at the most important aspects of the musical language needed to sound convincing in Hollywood and elsewhere. From the notes to the sound this covers it all. If you are serious about orchestral film scoring this is a must have"

Michael Johnson


"I learned so much from watching your work and from the knowledge you shared. Anyway, i submitted two pieces to the Film Scoring Academy of Europe's online Master's Degree Program and i got accepted into the program! So i just wanted to say thank you!

Tyler Grow

Music Composer

'Joël’s Mixing Cinematic Music course teaches you everything you fundamentally need to know to become a better composer and mixer. I can honestly say that after taking this course, you will begin to think differently when producing your scores!'

Ángel Cortiñas


"The truth is that I am delighted with this course because Mattia has a great ability to explain and turn a simple melody into a harmony of great interest. Especially with this course, I am learning how to structure my musical sketches effectively and how to compose more efficiently. Without a doubt, I strongly recommend this course primarily to those people who need to continue improving their level of creating orchestral mockups with interesting harmonies."

David Klemencz

Composer/ Supreme Devices

"Brilliant course. The choice of topics is very wide and I really like the balance of technical and creative aspects. Being an experienced composer and producer, it was still great to brush up on the familiar while still learning a ton of great stuff. So many complex techniques explained in such a nice, accessible way. Randon's speech is very clear and his explanations are simple to understand. This course is really worth taking!"

Scott Leach


"When I found out that Randon would be releasing a Hybrid Orchestral course, I knew I had to jump on it. I have been a huge fan of his cues and also of Fallout Music Group sample libraries, so I accurately knew that I would be learning some amazing skills. I know that layering is a huge part of hybrid music, but the workshops Randon includes in the course has helped me better understand what I’ve been missing to get those huge epic sounds. I cannot wait to start improving on some tracks that I’ve been working on!"

Michael Sciabbarrasi


"Absolutely loved this course! Randon really helped me a lot, especially regarding composing tricks and techniques for trailer music but not only… This course helped me enhancing my writing and mixing skills and gave me a big boost concerning music production in general. If you want your tracks to sound epic and huge this MTS course will guide you to improve. Randon is a great composer and he explains everything effectively and clearly! I really recommend this course to every fellow composers!"

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